Useful Eye Care Tips for Bloggers and Computer Users

Take a Break

In between your work have small breaks especially if you are working for long hours which help you in reducing strain on your eyes and increases blood supply to your body.

Drink More Water

This point looks so simple but very effective because if you take more water puffiness of your eyes can be reduced.

Apply Palming Method

This method but you have to rub your hands against each other until they get warm and then you have to cup your eyes for some time. The advantage of doing this that both your eyes as well as elbows get relaxed simultaneously.

Look Away

Looking at distant objects in between your long working hours and again coming back to normal near vision will help your eyes to focus better.

Diet is Very Important

Take green vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, spinach, dairy products and foods rich in A, E, C.

Do Some Eye Exercises

For this I would like to tell you one of the best exercises that is –“first blink your eyes for some time and later close your eyes and just roll your eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise. In between this process you just several deep breaths and slowly breathe out and open your eyes. Do this exercise for about 2 minutes before going to work.

Note: Never rub your eyes

Visit doctor if you have any eye problems
Try to cut your alcohol or smoking intake
You can use anti glare glasses

The preceding article, brought to you by Dr. David Heitmeier, was a news release from Prevent Blindness America. For further questions please contact Heitmeier, Armani, Langhetee and Cangelosi Medical and Surgical Eyecare at (504) 368-7081.


About the author

Dr. David Heitmeier

Dr. David Heitmeier

A lifelong resident of the West Bank, David Heitmeier is a Doctor of Optometry and owns and manages one of the region's most successful clinical practices. A 1979 graduate of Holy Cross High School, Doctor Heitmeier went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Completing his education with a doctorate in Optometry in 1987 from the University of Houston, he chose to work in the community he loves and founded Heitmeier & Armani - Medical and Surgical Eyecare. Doctor Heitmeier's commitment to hard work and innovation has earned him the admiration of his colleagues in the field of healthcare. He has lectured on business organization and efficiency and has taught the principles of patient service and ethics around the country.

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