New FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps Effective For Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish has a unique relationship with water. From Lake Pontchartrain down to the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere in between, bodies of water are interwoven throughout the parish.

Jefferson Parish uses drainage canals and pumping stations to remove storm water quickly to protect you from flooding. Our urban areas are surrounded with miles of levees to keep storm surge out. Investments in infrastructure help us feel confident that floodwaters are not going to affect many residents; however, despite our investments, there are still high-risk flood areas mixed in with low-risk flood areas as depicted on the newly updated Flood Insurance Rate Map by FEMA.

Residents are encouraged to be optimistic, but prepared. No one protection measure is foolproof. Drainage canals can become overwhelmed when too much rain falls too quickly and flood waters do not respect the boundaries on a Flood Insurance Rate Map.

Weather events are becoming stronger and more frequent. Despite our optimism, the flooding events Louisiana experienced in 2016 prove that all residents need to prepare for the unexpected. Parish Administration is pleased to announce the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are effective for Flood Insurance rates as of February 2, 2018.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to speak with an insurance agent regarding insurance or policy questions. Individuals can also visit to determine your flood zone, watch informational videos, or request a flood zone determination.

Parish Administration added, “We are excited the new maps are available as many resident could see a relief in their rates. We will continue to make improvements to our drainage system throughout the Parish and take every effort to make sure residents get the best rates available in the years to come.”

If you are in Zone X (moderate risk), you may be eligible for a low cost Preferred Risk Policy if you have zero flood claims or one claim associated with your property. If you are in Zone AE (high risk), you may want to consider contacting a licensed land surveyor for an Elevation Certificate as it may help to reduce your flood insurance premium.

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