Two Sisters on da West Bank

I was a fan of soul food restaurant Two Sisters in Da East, 9901 Chef Menteur Hwy, when I visited over a year ago, so when I noticed Two Sisters on the Westbank was going to have a location in Gretna at 1601 Franklin Avenue, I was really excited. I knew that having delicious home cooked food in such close proximity was a bit dangerous and I couldn’t wait to see what their new spot had to offer.

I stopped in for lunch on a Monday and I was prepared for a bit of a wait. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to grab a table in the small restaurant. Seating is limited and they do a lot of take out here, so if you want to dine in you might have to be patient. On this particular day, one of the specials was the fried catfish platter, so I got it paired with a side of mac and cheese. After a bit of a wait, my food came out and I was ready to dig in. On the platter was a very generous amount of fish, green beans, mac and cheese and sweet potato rice. All of the flavors of the platter were perfect and for $10 I had more than enough to eat for lunch.

Two Sisters on the Westbank has all of your home cooking and soul food needs covered. Depending on the day you can get red beans and rice served with sausage, fried chicken, smothered okra and shrimp, chitterlings and rice, stuffed peppers, pork chops and fried seafood plates with your choice of catfish, shrimp or oysters. All of the menu items are priced around $10 and come with food that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

Two Sisters on the Westbank is open Monday through Friday 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and they can be reached at 309-4772. Calling ahead for take-out orders is encouraged.

About the author

Marielle Songy

Marielle Songy was born and raised on the Westbank and currently resides in Gretna. She is a graduate of Archbishop Blenk High School and UNO. A true Louisiana girl, Marielle enjoys creole food, jazz music and the occasional swamp tour.

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