Kristin Palmer wins Orleans Parish Council Seat which covers Algiers

This past October, Kristin Palmer was elected again to the Orleans Parish Council to represent District C. Palmer previously represented the district, however decided not to seek re-election during the last campaign held in February 2014. Nadine Ramsey went on to win the District C seat and represented the district which included Algiers for the last four years.

Following the election, Kristin released the following statement:

What an amazing campaign.

Our hard work throughout this incredible campaign paid off – WE won! Thank you for all of your support – we couldn’t have done this without you. Every phone call, every door we knocked on, every hour of waving signs, every contribution, and every single vote made the difference on Saturday.

Together, we succeeded because this campaign was about putting our people and communities first. Our victory sent a clear message: the people of our district will no longer accept politics as usual. When we put aside our differences, we can focus on the common goal of improving our neighborhoods and our city at large.

We can all agree that every New Orleanian deserves a quality job and the ability to live in a safe neighborhood with affordable homes and good schools. We can all agree that we need to fix our streets and clean up our blight. We can all agree that our homes and businesses shouldn’t flood due to an afternoon rainstorm.

Now, our real work begins. This campaign started as a grassroots effort and now it must be something much more: an inclusive community coalition. It will take everyone in this district, not just those who voted for me, working together to improve our city. We won’t wait for a better future, we will create it.

Moving forward, we will not be divided by a river, we will not be divided by neighborhoods, we will not be divided by race. We will not be divided. There is still a long road ahead and a lot of work to do, but together we will bring real change to New Orleans.

Thank you!

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