Singer Mia Kylie paves her own way to success through music and inspiration

Mia Kylie Ditta was born with music in her soul and since she was 2 years old, music has been a part of this New Orleans singer and songwriter’s life. Her story started simply enough- singing karaoke with her father, Jimmie Ditta. It was at this young age that Mia Kylie realized that she enjoyed singing and performing and it was this passion that pushed her to join drama club and musical theater and pursue it for seven years.

Under the guidance of her mother and manager, Meiko Ditta, and with the help of Ginger Donner, Mia Kylie was a part of the Jefferson Performing Arts Society for six years, which allowed her to hone her craft on stage in both acting and singing. Although Mia Kylie has a natural talent for music, she looked to famed vocal coach Linda Septien of Septien Entertainment in Dallas, Texas to help her polish her talent and her stage presence. Ms. Septien has worked with such artists as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Jessica Simpson and prides herself on her ability to recognize true talent and develop a strategy to launch a long term career artist. Karen Bradshaw was another vocal coach who helped mold Mia Kylie into the performer that she is today. Mia Kylie also attended the Don “Moose” Jamison Heritage School of Music in New Orleans, which helps young musical artists craft their talent. It was here that she met the members of her band: guitarist Connor Finney, drummer Erik Finney, keyboardist Brandon Wilkie and bassist Hunter Wainwright.

Even though Mia Kylie is only 14 years old, she has compiled a resume that is far beyond her years. Mia Kylie sold her first song at 13 years old and it was used for a Christian-based movie. Along with her band, she has performed at Six Flags Arlington for Holiday in the Park as well as the Six Flags 4th of July Fest. She has performed at St. Matthew’s Fair, headlined the Holy Name of Jesus Fair, and performed at Gattuso’s in Gretna. Mia Kylie and her band have had the opportunity to open for such bands as Cowboy Mouth, in April of 2017, as well as local favorites Bag of Donuts, The Topcats, and The Molly Ringwalds. Mia Kylie has proudly performed the National Anthem for the Pelicans, the Zephyrs, Voodoo Football, Sunbelt NCAA , the Governor’s Gubernatorial Luncheon, the 10 year Katrina Memorial, as well as boat blessings and other events. She has been interviewed by local news personality Nancy Parker, has sat down for interviews with other local news stations and has performed at tailgates for Tulane University and De La Salle High School.

When she isn’t busy performing live, Mia Kylie is in the recording studio. Mia Kylie released her first album at 12 years old with Reel 2 Reel Productions and has just finished work on her next album which will be released in the coming months on her own record label, Mia Kylie Ditta Entertainment LLC. Mia Kylie’s new single “Try”, co-written with songwriter Donna Dutchess and produced by Rich DeSanti, is a gospel/country type song that is more spiritual than Mia Kylie’s previous work and was inspired, in part, by the loss of Donna’s daughter. Mia Kylie likes to make music that inspires people and is hoping that “Try” will do just that.

Mia Kylie is also a philanthropist. She has started the non-profit group Mia’s Angels, which helps children with debilitating illnesses by assisting with medical bills or fulfilling a personal wish. One hundred percent of all of the money raised by Mia’s Angels goes to the children and families in need of assistance. Mia wants to give back to her community by raising money to help children with special needs and she is always happy to put on a show for a good cause.

Mia Kylie has had quite the busy summer. Thanks to Los Angeles based vocal coach Amanda Earhart, Mia performed at Disneyland on August 6th. She also had the opportunity to perform at Catalina Island thanks to singer and friend David Winans II. She will be performing for the Cutting Edge Music Conference at the House of Blues on August 25th and at Central City BBQ on August 26th and she is an associate member of the Grammy Awards, which means that she can enter her songs for nomination consideration.

Although Mia Kylie’s career takes up a lot of her time, it’s not her only focus, as she is a sophomore at Ursuline Academy who is as invested in her academics and she is her music. When she was in 5th grade, Mia Kylie was elected Student of the Year by the teachers and staff at Visitation of Our Lady and again when she was in 8th grade at Ursuline Academy. For the 2014-2015 school year, Mia Kylie was elected class president of the Student Council at Ursuline Academy. In 2015 she was selected to be the lead in Ursuline Academy’s television commercial which aired throughout the New Orleans market. She’s excited that she will be on the board for the Betterment of Women at Ursuline in the coming school year. Mia’s academic excellence has also earned her yearly scholarships to attend Ursuline Academy.

Mia Kylie says that through her music and charity work she hopes to change lives and make a difference. She considers herself close to God and credits Him with all of her success and knows that He will lead her where she is meant to be in her life and career.

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Marielle Songy was born and raised on the Westbank and currently resides in Gretna. She is a graduate of Archbishop Blenk High School and UNO. A true Louisiana girl, Marielle enjoys creole food, jazz music and the occasional swamp tour.

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