No Flying Under the Radar for Santa Claus With 2016 Santa Trackers

With all the technology available today, you can upgrade gift-giving and make your children’s Christmas more exciting by using the NORAD Santa Tracker or Google Santa Tracker. The Santa Tracker 2016 allows you to track Santa’s journey during Christmas Eve. This is the day when Santa is working tirelessly to deliver presents to all the nice kids in the world.

Children can keep a close eye on Santa on Christmas Eve as he makes his epic journey around the world. He will travel approximately 510,000,000 kilometers in one night and deliver presents to 233,000,000 children around the world. That is one huge job for one big guy.

Children can track Santa starting 8 a.m. GMT on December 24th. This is when Santa will start with his journey as he circles around the world. You can go to the NORAD website where you can access a map showing Santa’s stops and turns. You will also know when Santa is near you to get an idea about the specific time you should be in bed. Remember, Santa only shows up when all the kids in the house are asleep. If not, he may be forced to change his route and come back again when the kids are already in bed.

There are thousands of volunteers working as Santa’s aid to answer all your queries. You can call them or send them an e-mail and they will provide you updates on Santa’s whereabouts. NORAD’s website will provide live updates for curious children and adults alike. You can also download Santa Claus Tracker apps on your mobile devices.

The ability to track Santa is not something new. In fact, it all started in 1955 when an accidental phone call was received at CONAD (Continental Air Defense Command). CONAD was the predecessor of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) which main responsibility is to monitor the skies for defense and security. Sears department store mistakenly published CONAD’s phone number in their “Santa’s Toyland” promotion.

The call was received by US Air Force Col. Harry Shoup on the top-secret line at CONAD. At first, Shoup thought it was a prank call when the little voice on the other line asked if he reached Santa. It was only when the boy started crying that Shoup knew he was serious. And who would have thought that the accidental phone call will make all the difference. Today, NORAD dedicates one day every year to perform this important task. It was the right fit after all. NORAD’s major operation is devoted to watching the skies. And who flies in the sky on Christmas Eve? Santa Claus himself. From that day on, there had been no flying under the radar for Santa.

Santa Tracker is one of Santa’s aid in providing children and adults with information on his whereabouts on Christmas Eve. They work closely with NORAD to provide live updates on this busy and crucial day. You can contact them at for more information or you can directly send a message to Santa through their website at

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